140 hours internship gets Yehya into the world of work

Tell us about yourself 

I'm Yehya Hawila and I’m a Career Ready graduate. My internship in 2015 was a joint venture between Costain and Skanska. After I finished the programme I was offered a place on the degree apprenticeship programme at Costain. 

How did you feel before you started the programme?

I wasn’t confident about what I wanted to do in the future. Career Ready helped me to find an ambition and gave me the chance to network with construction professionals. 

What was the most important influence on you during the programme?

My internship at Costain Skanska. Getting first-hand experience of the world of work before actually going into work has prepared me for the challenges you face and how they differ from school.

You won an AstraZeneca STEM award for engineering in 2016 for your successes on your internship. How did that make you feel?

It was great; a once in a lifetime experience. It was a fantastic reward for the effort I put in and the support I got during my internship. I’m now really keen to talk about my experiences through the 140 hours campaign.

What skills did your internship help you develop?

My organisational skills. I was able to prioritise important work and the internship helped me to understand how I can structure my days. 

Thanks to Career Ready I was lucky enough to gain a place on a funded degree apprenticeship programme at Costain which I’m really enjoying. I’ve now got a strong foundation on which to build my future. 

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