Career Ready masterclasses help students to grow their confidence and employability skills

Career Ready delivers meaningful and measurable learning outcomes when preparing students for the world or work.

Who are you?

I'm Laura Daniel, the Career Ready Coordinator at Cirencester College. I won the Santander Employability Chamption of the Year Award 2016 for Wales and the South West.

What does being a coordinator involve?

Liaising with students and employers to help bridge the gap between education and employment. I currently support 45 students through one of our five Career Ready programmes – Business, Finance, IT, Sports & Engineering. Each programme is supported by our Local Advisory Board and a great number of volunteer supporters.

In the future we plan to develop our current provision so that we can offer this opportunity to more of our fantastic students. We are working hard to build on more employer contacts so that we can grow our bank of mentors and work placement opportunities and this will allow us to widen the programme within Cirencester College.


What are the benefits for you?

Seeing the difference the programme has on the students – they develop so much during their time on the programme, from the nervous student at the initial interview, to the mature and confident young adult at graduation.

Winning this award was hugely unexpected and I’m thoroughly grateful to have been nominated. I didn’t expect to be nominated let alone win the regional award.

How does the programme benefit students?

I organise a range of events for the students – masterclasses, industry specific employer talks/visits and workshops. In addition to this, the students hugely benefit from having a face-to-face mentor and valuable work experience during their time on the programme.

The masterclass series gives students invaluable information and advice directly from an employer perspective and provide a clear structure and progression route through the programme. They help students to grow their confidence and employability skills. 

At the same time they support students in developing the skills and know how to then secure their first position.

Students get to meet a range of business contacts/employers who are supportive of the programme who offer advice, support and guidance means that our students really value the opportunity to build their network of contacts. 

What would you recommend about working with Career Ready?

Career Ready is a fantastic programme which develops core employability skills early on, it really gets the student to think about their first step into the world of work and it provides practical advice on how to get there. The programme has enormous value for businesses as well as students.


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