Completing an internship means that you are one step ahead of everyone else

During my time at Citi I was able to expand my network.

Who are you?

My name is Rron Bajgora and I’m a student from Paddington Academy. I recently completed my internship at CitiBank in their Internal Audit department. 

How did you feel before you started your internship?

I hadn’t had any experiences of a work environment apart from z one week work experience placement. I lacked skills and confidence, but my experience at Citi has changed that.  

What have you enjoyed during your time at Citi?

The best part of my internship was gaining skills and experiences that I will hold throughout my life. I have built on my networking skills and made contacts with other interns and workers at the bank. 

I have made friends with a lot of different people from different parts of London. During my time at Citi I was able to expand my network and make friends with other interns and then other people I worked with.

Why would you recommend to others to complete an internship?

Internships are important because you gain countless amounts of experience and skills. Completing an internship makes you more competitive in the job market and you can try a career and find out if it is suitable for you. 

Completing an internship means that you are one step ahead of everyone else when applying for a job. Giving up four weeks of your summer may seem hard, but lots of opportunities come from it.

What tips would you give other Career Ready students before completing an internship?

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your internship. Remember to wear a tie and tuck in your shirt! Your appearance is as important as your answers in your interview.

Remember to prepare by reading about the company and the job role, because knowing about the company and job shows the employer that you are interested. Your first impressions are crucial as it doesn’t take the employer very long to decide whether they are going to employ you or not.

Another good tip would be to make sure you have a LinkedIn account and use it throughout your internship. Creating a broader network can be useful for finding job placements in the future as recruiters are more likely to view your profile. Also make sure to socialise and make friends along the way.

Why would you recommend taking part in the Career Ready programme?

Aside from the internship, my mentor has helped me a huge amount with problems and the masterclasses have taught me key skills for work.