Completing an internship means that you are one step ahead of everyone else

Completing an internship means that you are one step ahead of everyone else.

Rron Bajgora from Paddington Academy enjoyed an internship at Citi Bank through the Career Ready programme. Here, he shares how the experience has helped provide him with the skills, confidence and qualities to kick-start a successful career.

Before I started my Career Ready internship at Citi Bank I hadn’t had any real experience of a work environment and I was lacking in workplace skills and confidence. However, this experience soon changed this.

During my time at Citi Bank, I was able to gain skills and experience which I know that I will hold throughout my life. I have built on my network skills and made friends and contacts with a diverse number of people from across London.


I think the way I was able to grow and develop during my time at Citi Bank really shows why internships are important for young people like me. Being able to experience a real workplace helps you to gain countless amounts of experience and skills, and you become more competitive in the job market. Furthermore, they allow you to explore different career options and find the right one for you.

Getting involved with Career Ready, and taking advantage of the opportunities they provide young people, is something which I’d recommend to any student as it’s so much more than an internship. You’ll get a mentor who will be able to help out with any problems you have and will be able to guide you on the start of your career journey, and they provide you with masterclasses on the key skills you need for work.

Learn more about how Career Ready helps students like Rron kick-start a successful future, or get involved today and make a lasting difference.