I didn't have the contacts in place to get the opportunities I needed

The programme is highly valued by employers across the country and attracts a lot of great participants.

Who are you?

My name is Scott Baker and I’m a Career Ready student at Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull. In 2016 I won the AstraZeneca STEM Student of the Year Award for Technology and my prize was a trip to CERN.

What were your plans before the programme?

Before I joined Career Ready I didn't have any real experience of the professional world or a working environment, other than what I had been taught at school and in college. I knew I wanted to work in the IT industry but didn't have the contacts in place to get the opportunities I needed.

What was the most important influence on you during the programme?

I worked with my mentor a lot to develop my professional skills, which I then put into practice during my summer internship.

Both of these elements allowed me to grow as a professional person and take the first steps in my career. Now I have the skills and experience that put me ahead of most other applicants when it comes to applying for jobs. 

After my internship with IT@spectrum, a technology business operating in Yorkshire, they offered me a full time role after I finish my studies. It is fantastic to know that I performed well enough that they want to hire me and having that potential job security after university will help to ease some of the pressure there can be in the finding work as a graduate.

What skills has Career Ready helped you to develop?

Career Ready has helped me to develop a number of skills that will be invaluable for me in the future. I have worked on interview techniques and formal presentations. It has also given me the opportunity to expand my technical capabilities and knowledge. In addition to these, the programme provides a chance to improve on skills such as communication and operating as a member of a team.

Without Career Ready I wouldn't have the job security I have now, nor the industry experience and contacts that are so highly valued by modern employers.

How do you feel to have won this award?

Winning this award is a huge honour. It was incredible to visit CERN and be taken 100 metres underground to the Large Hadron Collider. We were given a full tour of the facility and got to speak to some of the researchers who worked there.  

Schemes like Career Ready are very highly valued by employers across the country and attract a lot of great participants. To be recognised for an award within the industry that I want to have my career in is fantastic, especially considering my age.