It’s been really rewarding to see Becky grow during her time with us

Sean Beach, an Operations Manager at PD Ports, shares his experience of supervising Becky during her internship at PD Ports.

I got involved as a Career Ready internship supervisor following a conversation with a colleague who was looking for others to volunteer with the programme.

We simply don’t have enough young people, interns or apprentices in the ports and logistics business. Hosting Career Ready interns, such as Becky, is, therefore, a great way for us to engage young people whilst helping them develop the skills and confidence they’ll need in their future careers.


The whole four weeks of having a Career Ready intern is an enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved.


It’s been really rewarding to see Becky grow during her time at the port, she’s now much more knowledgeable about what it's like to work in a busy logistics environment, and her key workplace skills have really developed during her time with us. 

She’s been a fantastic addition to our team as she’s really helped with document processes and assisting on some other important pieces of work for us. It’s also allowed us to get a key insight into the career ambitions of young people and how we – as a logistics industry – can engage more of them to start a career in our sector.

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