It felt like an excellent opportunity to help young people progress.

Rebecca Molineaux, a Recruitment Administrator at Francesco Group, shares her experience of being a Career Ready mentor at Weston Road Academy.

I decided to become a Career Ready mentor as I'm considering a career in teaching and felt this was an excellent opportunity to help young people progress. 

From a business aspect, we also felt it would help to give young people the essential skills to progress in their education and give them more knowledge about career opportunities.

The students have already changed since first meeting them. They were very quiet, nervous and shy at first, but they have opened-up since the first meeting. Hopefully, this will continue as confidence is a vital skill for boosting your employability. They’ve also begun to understand that there are many different options and routes for them to follow once they have finished school.

My experience of being a mentor will also be beneficial to myself and the company as it will help us to understand young people's perspectives. This will myself and my company develop our recruitment process for apprentices, as the ideas and viewpoints given by the young people on this project can help us make a more friendly recruitment process for young people.

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