It's been great helping Emily work towards her dream career

Lee Dolan, an Engineering Manager at PD Ports, shares his experience of supervising Emily during her internship at PD Ports.

I got involved as a Career Ready internship supervisor following a conversation with a colleague who was looking for others to volunteer. I’m a believer in giving young people quality work experience opportunities, so it seemed like a great opportunity for me to get involved in.  

Emily has been a fantastic intern, and everyone involved with her has been exceptionally impressed with her attitude, ability to learn so quickly and her capabilities. She collated a PowerPoint presentation for our senior management and representatives from our head office which was absolutely superb. We have had a serious conversation with Emily on potentially working for PD Ports and offering her a potential contract and potentially paying her university fees.


Emily is enthusiastic about going into a career in engineering, so being able to play a part in getting her one step closer to her dream career is a great feeling.


I think the biggest impact I was able to have on Emily during her time with us was in terms of improving her knowledge of what it’s like to work in engineering at a place like PD Ports, as well as what she needs to do to build a career in the engineering sector.

Supervising an intern has also helped me to develop my own skill-set as it’s given me the opportunity to improve my mentoring and line-management skills, as well as get more experience of supporting a young, new-starter to the organisation.

Joining Career Ready is something which I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a rewarding volunteering opportunity. Not only will you make a difference in a young person’s life but you’ll also develop your own professional experience. 

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