Mentoring has developed my coaching skills - I’ve definitely learned from the experience.

It’s great to work with such energy and forward-looking perspective. Their reactions and comments are very honest and real – this helps me to be better within my day role, understand other situations and adapt my style to encourage my team more.


 Who are you?

I’m Paul Jones and I work as a leader in Commercial Banking with Lloyds Banking Group. I line manage a team of 12 to support 220 mid-sized businesses. I mentored Josh from St Brendan’s Sixth Form College in Bristol.

What did you do?

Our work together has been around feeding back on progress and setting higher and longer goals. We have discussed coursework and universities but more so extra-curricular CV building via volunteering, work experience and part time roles.

I also used my own experiences to explain aspects of Josh’s coursework. The main thing is to really listen and give constructive feedback. By guiding Josh to discover answers for himself, I was able to help him develop and grow.

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What were the results?

Josh has grown in confidence, no doubt. I was really proud when he took on a very challenging project during his internship. To support him and see him using the skills he’d developed with Career Ready to deliver a great networking and educational event… that was special.


Were there any personal benefits?

Unexpected ones. Regular contact with Josh has helped me to support and understand my own teenage daughters better. And mentoring has developed my coaching skills. I’ve definitely learned from working with Josh.   

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Would you do it again?

Yes. There’s a great feel-good factor in helping a young person to succeed… It allows you to reflect on your own knowledge and realise how much we have learnt and how much we can help others to tread a smoother path to their success.

I’ve now mentored another student and provided an internship, which has inspired a couple of my colleagues to offer internships. I’ve also joined St. Brendan’s LAB (Local Advisory Board), where I help to improve connections between the college and local businesses.


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