PD Ports have helped me develop new skills and grow my self-confidence

I feel as though it’s helped me to develop new skills and grow my confidence

Becky Hutton, from Bede Sixth Form College, enjoyed an internship at PD Ports as part of the Career Ready programme. Here, she shares how the experience has given her the skills, confidence and experience to kick-start a successful future.

Internships are important for young people like me because they introduce you to the working world and help you to adapt to an environment other than school.

Before my internship at PD Ports, as part of my time on the Career Ready programme, I visited various companies in the local area and learnt about their business. I talked to different members of the business to find out more about their job roles and their thoughts on work.


I really enjoyed my internship at PD Ports and I really feel as though it’s helped me to develop new workplace skills as well as grow my confidence. I think that the best part of my time there was simply meeting new people and being in a different environment to college.


Career Ready really is a great opportunity to prepare for your future as well as being a really fun experience. It gives you a more positive outlook on the opportunities available to you in the future, so it's something I'd recommend to any student who's starting to think about their future.

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