Simply playing a part in Rhys' development makes me feel very proud

I believe that we need to do more to ensure that young people have the guidance they need to be successful.

Megan Ford, HR Recruitment & Training Administrator at Olympus, is a Carer Ready mentor and winner of the Standard Life Mentor of the Year Award 2017 for London & the South East. Here, she shares her experience of mentoring Rhys and how she has been able to give him the skills, confidence and experience to kick-start a successful future.

Becoming a mentor to Rhys was a fantastic way for me to take action in something which I am passionate about – giving young people the guidance and support they need to take the next steps in their lives.

Transitioning from school into a working environment can be a big challenge for young people– the way you behave or the things you say might need to be adjusted depending upon the role you have secured. Speaking from experience, I know it took me several years to understand the difference between the two environments, how I needed to act and how I could be perceived. I believe that we need to do more to ensure that this is made easier for them and they have the guidance and advice they need to make a success of it.


Megan has gone above and beyond to help me. I wasn’t sure what to do in the future but because of Megan’s support I am now know the steps I have to take in order for my dream to become a reality. 


I think the biggest impact I’ve had through Career Ready is through running a skills workshop for eight students, including my mentee Rhys, on how to successfully apply for jobs. I got some fantastic feedback from the students (and their respective mentors!) so it felt great to know that a little idea I had grew into such a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Mentoring Rhys has truly been an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience for me. Rhys has become much more confident and assured in his direction, and simply being able to play a part in that makes me very proud… I cannot recommend getting involved with Career Ready enough!

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