Internships and Workplace Visits

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Internships play a vital role in the Career Ready programme, opening up the world of work to young people.

Our students get a feel for the workplace and realise the incredible possibilities that are out there for them. 

The Internship

Our aim in supporting Career Ready by offering internships was to make a difference to young people's lives and provide them with an insight into the working environment. What we probably didn't expect was the impact on our business and our own people. The students made a genuine contribution and also brought something different to the working environment that had a profound effect on all of us.

Mark McFall, Managing Director, Change Recruitment 

The internship is an invaluable feature of the Career Ready programme and is usually spent in the business of the student’s mentor. Our students experience what it’s really like to work and put their skills and knowledge into practice. It can also be a life-changing experience. You might even get to witness the lightbulb moment when they realise what they want to do in their career.  

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My internship is definitely one of the best things that I have done, and I am grateful to Petrofac and to Career Ready for giving me the opportunity. My confidence in both my work and personality has grown a significant amount, thanks to the experience and those who I was working with.

Joanne Nazareno, Career Ready student, Aberdeen

As an employer, you provide a paid 4 or 5 week internship  in the middle summer of the programme. This is your chance to spot future talent and see what a Career Ready student can do for you. Of course, our students aren’t undergraduates and they may need more support, but this allows your employees to enhance and develop their skills. Likewise, you may be surprised how swiftly our students progress. With the right preparation, you will find that having a determined and able Career Ready student on your team is incredibly rewarding.

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We had the pleasure of four summer interns in our business and I have received amazing feedback. Their confidence has come on leaps and bounds and they have integrated so well we don’t want them to leave.

Gillian Perry, Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, ACCESS

Workplace Visits

Many of our team volunteer to work with Career Ready. It's great for the students, our staff and for Citi - it makes a difference and makes us better.

James Bardrick, Head of Citigroup UK 

Workplace visits are an exciting way for you to engage with the Career Ready programme. It is often the first time our students have entered a workplace and it’s an experience that can have a deep effect on them. Also, hearing their reactions to your familiar day-to-day environment can make you see your own business in a new light. 

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We usually start with a tour of the workplace, followed by a chance to spend time with some of your staff, who talk about what the organisation does, their job and how they got there. 

Workplace visits are a simple, but effective way to bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

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