A Career Ready LAB (Local Advisory Board) is where you can have a real impact in transforming the lives of young people in your area. 

The LAB is a group of business people the Local Authority co-ordinator, supported by the Career Ready Regional Manager. The LAB provides the essential link between the Local Authority, the schools running the Career Ready programme and the area’s business community.

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The approach with Career Ready is that we are working together to define and develop the programme in Perth & Kinross. It is being done ‘with us’ rather than ‘to us’.

John Stewart, HR Director, SSE plc 

Each Career Ready programme is guided by a LAB, which meets at least four times a year. As a member, you have a wealth of contacts in your own and other businesses and are an expert guide with a real say in how the programme is delivered, so you can ensure that it meets the current skills requirement of the workplace. 

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Joining the LAB gives you the chance to network with local employers while connecting new businesses with the Career Ready programme. 

With great processes and highly professional people, Career Ready brings together the skills, energy and resources of employers, students and education partners allowing us all to play to our strengths.

Gary Merrylees, Head of Talent, Diageo

You will also help to develop all aspects of the programme including mentoring, masterclasses, workplace visits and internships. That’s why joining a LAB is such a powerful way for employers to engage with schools and the education system.

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