It was a great opportunity to see our business through the eyes of a young person, who brought energy, asked questions, and allowed us to refocus our thinking going forward - and identify talent of the future. It gave my team an opportunity to mentor and support, which in turn supported their own skills development.

Julie Harbison, Technical Training Manager, Diageo plc

We all have to start somewhere. But not everyone has the advantage of friends and families already working in their chosen field, or who can help them identify their 'career destiny'. That’s why we need people like you to mentor a Career Ready student.

A mentor is a student’s guide, sounding board and critical friend. As a mentor, you have a real chance to unlock a student’s potential and help them flourish as they start their journey from education to the workplace.

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How does it work?

You will be matched with a student and meet up with them on average twice a term across two academic years, while the student is in S5 and then S6. Meetings usually last about an hour and take place ideally in your workplace. You arrange the meetings at a time convenient to both of you. Together you can:

  • Reflect on recent activities, reinforcing the learning with real life experiences
  • Give them tips on business culture and workplace etiquette
  • Practise skills from time management to problem solving or interview techniques
  • Widen their network of contacts and help them learn how to connect

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My mentor, Iain Robertson, went to so much effort to help my plans for the future. He supported me through some of the toughest times in my life, but most importantly Iain has always believed in me and because of this I’ve become who I am today.

Morven Petrie, Career Ready student, Glasgow

Part of your mentoring programme will be to offer your mentees a paid internship of four or five weeks with your business. This allows you to support them during what can be a transformational period.

Career Ready has been working with volunteers for over a decade and we will give you structured support and online training. Our aim is to make sure that both you and the student you are mentoring get the most out of this potentially life-changing experience. 

Our mentors have a wide range of backgrounds from recent graduates to managing directors, in the public, private and third sectors. 

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Becoming a mentor offers you a range of benefits including developing coaching skills and spotting future talent for your company, but it’s the feeling you get from knowing you’ve had a real impact on a young person’s life that is so special.

Before I started Career Ready I hadn’t many targets for my future, but now I am completely different person. As well as improving my confidence and skills, I am also opening several doors in terms of job opportunities. It’s been a life changer and I know I’m definitely going places.

Ross Brown, Career Ready student, Glasgow 

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