Aida Mugabo – Case Study

Aida Mugabo was studying business and management at John Ruskin College when she applied to be part of the Career Ready programme, “I thought the programme was very well rounded which I thought would make me better professionally and individually.”

Aida took up her internship with Strive Training, where she was given the opportunity to play an active role in the different departments within the organisation. She said “I feel that the company contributed more to my development than I did to it. However, I performed all the tasks with high ethical standards and with a great deal of creativity which I believe left a mark on the company.”

Aida attributes many of the skills she has learned today to her time on the internship. “I feel it heled me improve on my time management and prioritising skills as I had to complete multiple tasks within the same time frame. I was also able to learn how to work creatively as I approached a single task from many different angles. However, I feel that the entire internship had a strong impact on me as an individual.”

Whilst on the programme, Aida was partnered with a mentor who helped introduce her to legal professionals and gave her advice about the field. Aida said: “My mentor helped me make the right decision as to which university would be best for me. I found the mentoring experience the most beneficial throughout my time on the programme.

“Being an intern will be your most important opportunity before you land your first high professional job. Make the most out of it, and aim for the extraordinary not the ordinary during your time. Also, everyone you meet right from a senior manager to a client – all of them will contribute to your development if you have the will to learn.”

Since completing her Internship Aida has gone on to study Law at Exeter University where she hopes to one day fulfil her ambitions of becoming a human rights Barrister and Entrepreneur.