Career Ready alumni returns to mentor young person

A Career Ready graduate has returned to the programme as a mentor – the first student in Scotland to return to volunteer on the programme after graduating.

Roan Latimer, who was previously a student at Telford College in Edinburgh, graduated from the programme in 2011. He now works in the Billing Operations team at BlackRock and hopes to pass on the knowledge and skills he has gained while working there to other Career Ready students.

Roan said: “During the programme, having a mentor was the most significant influence for me. My mentor, Adrian, guided me in the right direction and was very focused on getting me where I am today. 

”Learning from Adrian encouraged me to become a mentor myself because I wanted offer other young people who are just like I was the same opportunities I had.”

Roan’s mentor, Adrian, helped him to secure an internship at Clydesdale bank which helped Roan develop his personal skills and helped him realise his passion for the financial sector. 

Adrian said: “Over the course of the two years I worked with Roan, I watched him go from a fairly shy person who didn’t know which direction they would take in life to someone who became incredibly confident in his surroundings. 

“I’m so proud to see he not only secured a job at BlackRock, but that he is also going to be giving back to the programme by becoming a mentor. He was a real pleasure to work with.”

Roan will be paired up with a student based in Edinburgh, where he can help open students eyes to the realities of the working world.

Anne Wexelstein, Director of Scotland said: “It’s fantastic to see our alumni engagement strategy become reality with Roan. I remember him well - he was one of the first students I met when I joined the team five years ago. 

“This story really epitomises what the Career Ready network is all about – young people thriving and maintaining contact with people that helped and continue to help them.”