Career Ready cited as best practice for small business engagement with schools in Scotland

A new Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report examining the best ways for SMEs to engage with schools has cited Career Ready’s model as an example of best practice.

The report, ‘School Ties: Transforming Small Business Engagement with Schools’, highlights the practises and approaches that are needed to support young people and sets out a series of recommendations to help small business engage more effectively with schools in Scotland.

The report explains that ‘meaningful engagement with employers’, for example through the Career Ready programme, can be directly beneficial to the type of students Career Ready works with.

The time commitment for small businesses engaging with young people is highlighted in the report as a barrier for SMEs who are unable to provide a large amount of time or resource to a series of sustained engagements. Using a ‘mix and match’ approach, like Career Ready, where employers can volunteer as much time or resource as they can is highlighted as an important approach.

Anne Wexelstein, Career Ready Director for Scotland, said: “This new FSB report provides weight to how Career Ready works in Scotland, and outlines how we can help SMEs engage with schools. Many of our supporters across Scotland are small businesses, particularly in some of our newer areas, such as Fife and Midlothian.

“A key finding of the report is that barriers preventing many small firms from getting involved with schools are surmountable and could be tackled through relatively straightforward interventions, which Career Ready provides.

“As the report highlights, there is clear benefits for a young person when they experience a series of meaningful engagements with businesses, and our programme provides a structured way for small businesses to engage with young people and reap the benefits themselves too.”

To view a copy of the report, visit the FSB website