Career Ready encourages young people to Think Logistics at the Skills Show

Think Logistics, in partnership with Career Ready, exhibited at the 2015 Skills Show in Birmingham in November, alongside key supporter of the programme, the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The Skills Show Think Logistics stand, which was sponsored by the Edge Foundation, brought together thousands of young people with potential employers and logistics experts to find out more about the range of career paths available and the skills needed to follow them. In total, more than 75,000 young people from across the UK attended the Skills Show.

Think Logistics is an industry-led initiative that aims to raise the profile of the logistics industry with young people and increase their awareness of the career pathways available to them within the sector. The FTA recently signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Think Logistics.

Neil Caldwell, Think Logistics Project Manager at Career Ready, said: “Think Logistics aims to open young people’s eyes to the range of careers available in logistics, while also raising their aspirations.

“The Skills Show was a fantastic opportunity to engage with hundreds of young people and their parents and teachers. We hope that we managed to show people that logistics is not just about driving trucks – it’s a dynamic, forward-thinking industry that could offer an exciting career path.”

As part of the exhibition, Think Logistics ran an interactive logistics quiz, which attracted 300 student entrants. Anos Malk, a student from South and City College in Birmingham, won the competition and was presented with an iPad as his prize on Monday 14 December. 

For a short video from the show, produced by the FTA, click here. For more information about Think Logistics and how you can sign up for a workshop with a logistics industry leader, contact Neil Caldwell.