Career Ready internships in Scotland

More than 360 Career Ready students across Scotland participated in a paid internship this summer and we are extremely grateful to our employer supporters who opened their doors to welcome students. Here, a selection of Career Ready students and internship supervisors share their experiences and celebrate their achievements.

To see a selection of pictures of the students on their internships, visit Flickr.

Lockheed Martin 

John Thow, Lockheed Martin’s coordinator for the summer internships, said: 

“The most impressive facet was the impact we had on the boys’ professional development. This was most apparent in one student who came in a relatively timid and nervous lad and left a confident, highly driven young man.  

“The student’s willingness to learn and his eagerness to improve was clear from our first meeting.  We wish him well for the future and I personally hope Lockheed Martin can be part of his progression into software development.”


Iain Morgan, internship supervisor to Keiran Smith at Diageo, said: “Kieran grew in confidence during his time with Diageo. He is already mapping out a potential career path and is focussed on what he needs to do to make that journey happen.”  

Two other internship supervisors at Diageo, Simon Bourne and Kate Munro, added: “The four weeks were challenging for us as well as the two students, with all four of us learning fast about managing ourselves and others for success. 

“We wish them both the best for their futures and they should move forward in their careers confident that their time at Diageo has made a lasting impression.”  


Elaine Weir, internship supervisor to Mahir Guir at RBS, said: “Mahir is a quick learner – he is only 16 but has been a revelation in our Front of House. 
“He has really enjoyed his time in the branch - so much so that we offered him a Saturday contract, which I’m delighted to say he has accepted.” 


Stephen Blanchflower, Hard & Soft Services Manager at ACCESS, said: “We involved Connor Monie, our summer intern this year, in a full programme of activity across different areas of our business.

“I was very pleased to see Connor gain confidence and have hopefully provided him with some ideas of career development going forward.” 

GDF Suez and Centrica

The Cygnus Project is a large gas field discovery in the southern region of the North Sea. The project is operated by GDF Suez and Centrica (both of whom support Career Ready students in Scotland) as well as Bayerngas. Career Ready students were invited to  visit to see the progress of the accommodation module being built at Methil in Fife. 

Kaytlin Irvine, a Career Ready student completing her internship at Centrica, said: “We saw most of the accommodation module which will be home to the 66 people who will work in the North Sea. What a way to end the first week of our Internship!”

Morgan Stanley

Sandra Ibimana, Career Ready student at Holyrood Secondary in Glasgow, said: “There was such a difference between my expectations and the reality. 

“Staff weren't too busy - they went out of their way to teach us. I expected we would be treated as school children, but we weren't. We were treated as adults with flexibility to organise our own day.”

Scottish Gas

Dustine Cabanete from Castlebrae Community High School in Edinburgh recently completed his internship at Scottish Gas. 

Dustine’s internship supervisor Chris Shaw said: “It was incredible to see the transformation Dustine went through in confidence levels within four weeks. From a shy and quiet young boy coming in to the operation he developed quickly into a very professional and confident young man.”


Aiden Smart, one of eight Career Ready students who completed their internship at Aviva, said: “It was great to get the chance to work with such a talented group of people in a professional environment.  The time I spent here and the role I was given were amazing which meant I was able to make my own contribution to the projects.” 

Karen Dryden, Business Analyst at Aviva, said: “Being a supervisor for Career Ready has been very rewarding – every student has very different skills and objectives and it has been great to see them blossom into confident adults in a very short period of time.” 

Campbell Dallas

Martyna Buszta recently completed her internship at Campbell Dallas. Her supervisor, David Black said: “Martyna is now such a confident, hardworking individual and embraced every success and challenge she faced.

“It was a pleasure being part of her journey and I am looking forward to next year when we have new mentors and new interns.”