Career Ready secures further Careers and Enterprise Company funding

Career Ready has secured nearly £70,000 worth of further investment from the government-backed Careers & Enterprise Company to support more young people in Stoke-on-Trent, the Black Country, London and Essex. This follows the joint funding with Business in the Community awarded in March 2016, which supported our two charities to launch the Employability for All programme in Essex and Ipswich.

The investment will help Career Ready to scale up its employer mentoring programme and extend it to work with students who are about to start their GCSEs, but are at risk of disengaging.

Anne Spackman, Chief Executive of Career Ready, said: “We know from our 14 year track record of mentoring how hearing from an adult who is not their parent or teacher can completely transform a young person’s ambitions. Students describe the impact that mentoring has had on their aspirations, resilience and career path and mentors describe the reward of witnessing that transformation. 

“All our mentors are employer volunteers doing this alongside their job. This funding recognises the impact their work has had and we hope will encourage new volunteers to join up.” 

Emily Wilkinson, former Career Ready student from St John Fisher Academy in West Yorkshire, said: “My mentor helped me to plan my next steps and figure out what I actually needed to do to achieve my ambitions. She helped me build up my confidence and allowed me to believe I can achieve whatever I want to. 

“I’m now confident and able to meet new people and feel comfortable enough to introduce myself. Career Ready has helped me to face my fears, all thanks to the support from my mentor.”

Emily Seager, Regional Business Development Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, has been mentoring students in London for three years. She said: “Career Ready is designed in such a way that it benefits everyone involved. Students develop their own understanding of the world of work, growing academically, personally and unlocking their potential. In return, mentors have a sense of achievement, watching and supporting a young person grow, but also grow and learn from their mentee as well.

“To have the opportunity to support a student, to build their self-confidence, open up their eyes to a variety of careers and excite them about the prospect of their own future, is something very special to me.”

The Careers & Enterprise company was established by the government to extend employer engagement in schools across England. It aims to join the dots between schools, colleges, employers and providers of careers and enterprise activities, supporting programmes that work to ensure more equal access to opportunities for young people across the country. 

Claudia Harris, CEO of The Careers & Enterprise Company, said: “Too many young people across England are at risk of not achieving their full potential. This can have a lasting impact on their future and career later in life.

“Employer mentoring is a powerful way to address this issue by helping young people get inspired about the world of work. 

“Our fund will work to unlock this inspiration by scaling up proven mentoring programmes to help boost social mobility and give young people great life changing experiences.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to get involved in mentoring to step forward and join this mentoring movement and make a real difference to the lives of young people in their local community.”

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