Career Ready student meets First Minister

Latanya Melville, a Career Ready student at St Augustine’s High School in Edinburgh, recently met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during her internship with the Scottish Government. 

The meeting took place at a boardroom event, ’50:50 by 2020: Working for diversity in the boardroom’, at which the First Minister spoke about gender equality.

Latanya said: “I was given the fantastic opportunity of going into the lecture theatre to witness Nicola Sturgeon and the panel members’ speeches, where they discussed plans to give everyone the same chances of success in life – whatever their gender.   

“I got to meet Nicola Sturgeon and managed to take a photo with her, which was the highlight of my week!”

Thanks to the generous support of the Scottish Government, Latanya is now part-way through her internship. 

Latanya said: “So far on my internship I'm having a great time. It really is a fantastic experience and my knowledge and background on the Scottish Government and the different sectors they cover is growing.  

“Already I'm learning so much and developing personally in so many areas that I have struggled with in the past and it’s only the start of week two.

“It would be unfair not the mention the fantastic team I work with and the kind people surrounding me. They have all contributed to making these past few days ones to look forward to. They have all been patient and kind with me, showing support and encouragement. My mentor, Jen McLeod has stuck by me since I started the programme, showing full support and a kind encouraging attitude. My internship supervisor, Pamela Yorke, has been keeping me in line and is very supportive.  

“I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet the First Minster without Career Ready or my team and I am really looking forward to my remaining weeks."