Developing the young workforce in Scotland

Career Ready is cited as a leading organisation linking education with business in new Scottish Government guidance ‘Developing the Young Workforce: Guidance for School/Employer Partnerships, Guidance for Employers’.

The guidance, released in September, encourages employers to create links with schools in their local community by joining a network of employer-led DYW Regional Groups (initially referred to as ‘Invest in Young People’ groups). Career Ready is mentioned as an organisation that already provides employers with these links. 

Anne Wexelstein, Career Ready Director for Scotland, said:

“Career Ready’s ambition is to extend our reach across Scotland, so that any young person who fits the targeted focus of Career Ready has the chance to benefit and have doors opened that they might never have believed could be open to them.  

“Working with the Scottish Government in support of the Developing the Young Workforce ambitions, we are delighted that our work has been recognised in their guidance for school/employer partnerships. Being able to work with more employers to set young people on the path to career success is what we are about and this recognition will allow more young people to contribute their talents and skills to the country’s economic success.”

For more information or to view the report, visit The Scottish Government’s website.