Internship highlights from England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Students from schools and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland recently celebrated the end of their internships as part of the Career Ready programme.

Following on from our highlights of the Scottish internships 2015 in last month’s edition, this month a range of our employers and interns from across the rest of the UK speak about the impact the internship has had on them.

Allianz Insurance PLC

Peter Dobie, who hosted an intern at Allianz Insurance PLC, said: “Olivia is mature, professional, highly motivated and focussed on doing the very best that she can.  She has been a breath of fresh air in our team and encouraged us to reassess our own engagement at work. 

“We are looking for talented young people to join Allianz after obtaining their A Levels and Olivia has confirmed our thinking that she (and, no doubt, others) would be an asset to our organisation.”

Health Education Yorkshire and Humber

Sharon Simister, an internship supervisor at Health Education Yorkshire and Humber, said: “The internship has been beneficial as the Health Ambassador Scheme aims to attract young people to the NHS.  The work completed by our intern, Tahira, gave us an understanding of what young people want to hear about when we as an organisation go into schools and colleges to talk to them.”


Kam Sangha, Senior Recruitment Manager, Healthcare at RBS, said: “Hosting an intern demonstrates the bank’s commitment to helping students identify potential career paths.

“Hosting Daniel has been rewarding because it gave me job satisfaction to know that I am helping a student to improve their prospects and develop their skills within a working environment.”


Lucy Stevenson, who completed her internship at NST, said: “Before my internship I had little experience of the world of work.  I didn’t know how the interview process worked.

“My internship has given me confidence and has prepared me for the world of work.  It has also given me valuable experience that will make me more employable.”

Her supervisor at NST, Andy Macdonald, said; “Hosting an intern has restored my faith in the capabilities of young people, and more importantly the desire they have to succeed in the world of work.

“Our interns are very capable workers who are proactive and can also give new perspectives. They are eager to learn from you and your knowledge benefits them.”

North East Lincolnshire Council

Catherine Benson, the Safeguarding Quality Assurance Coordinator, said: “I believe we should be supporting young people to choose their career pathways and helping them on their journey into the workplace.

“Our intern brought a lot to the team, she was bright and cheerful and eager to learn. At the start of the internship she wanted me to attend meetings with her, by the end of week 4 she was confident in leading a meeting.”

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