Morgan Stanley to work with Career Ready to solve strategic challenge

Career Ready is one of five UK-based, non-profit organisations chosen to receive expert guidance from Morgan Stanley employees to develop an effective business strategy that will help secure long lasting impact. 

Over a course of eight weeks, Career Ready will work with a team of five Morgan Stanley employees to develop a potential growth model. The team will present a series of tailored recommendations on how we might operate more efficiently, including looking at how Scotland works currently and how a cluster model could work in England. 

Anne Spackman, Executive Director of Career Ready, said, “Working with corporate volunteers is at the heart of what we do. To have a team of volunteers from Morgan Stanley contribute their intellectual muscle to our development is an incredible opportunity to further transform student lives.”

Currently in its second year, Morgan Stanley’s UK Strategy Challenge is a pro bono initiative that brings together knowledge from the world of business and finance with charities on the cusp of growth.

Colm Kelleher, President of Institutional Securities and CEO of Morgan Stanley International, said, “Charities, like all organisations, have strategic challenges which can have long-lasting implications to the way they are able to function. By providing our charity partners with the business skills and knowledge of our employees, we are able to work with them to solve these challenges, ensuring that their valuable time is spent…breaking new ground and expanding the important services they provide”.