Olympus Key Med host students at Southend site

Olympus Key Med, a leading manufacturer of optical and digital equipment for the healthcare and consumer electronics sectors, recently hosted a joint workplace visit for Career Ready students from The King Edmund School and St Thomas More High School.

Students were given a tour of the manufacturing and service departments and heard presentations from staff. They learned how important technology is in the healthcare sector in particular, and the need for constant innovation in the field. 

Staff also explained the challenges, risks and rewards of selling medical equipment in emerging markets and highlighted the importance of having a second language to offer as international business trading has increased.

As the largest local employer in the Southend region, outside of the public sector, Olympus supported students from both schools last summer with internships. Some of these students gave presentations to staff during the visit to show how much they had gained from their work placements. Internship supervisors also gave their views on why their colleagues should consider taking an intern this summer.

Caroline Kandaya-Breakfast, Regional Manager for London & the South East at Career Ready, said: “Visits like this give our students a unique insight into the workings of companies they may not even know existed. Having the opportunity to hear directly from staff not only inspires the students but also gives them a first-hand account of what it is like to work in that particular sector. We also hope visits give companies like Olympus an opportunity to meet young people from the local area who could be their future workforce.

“On behalf of Career Ready I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the staff involved in organising such a fantastic visit and look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.”