South Essex College launches first ever South East Think Logistics programme

South Essex College has become the latest centre across the UK to launch the Think Logistics programme, in partnership with Career Ready, to help prepare young people in Essex for a career in logistics. 

The college, who currently run a number of logistics qualifications and apprenticeships, started the programme to complement their existing Business, Logistics and Supply Chain course.

The college has begun recruiting volunteers to support the programme from September.     

Mark Bentley, Logistics Course Leader at South Essex College, said: “We’re offering students a unique learning experience in an industry that is growing rapidly in the local area.

“The Think Logistics programme, alongside the other courses and opportunities we offer in logistics, will help our students get ready for the world of work.”

Think Logistics is an industry-led initiative that aims to raise the profile of the logistics industry with young people and increase their awareness of the career pathways available to them within the sector.

South Essex College is the first  Think Logistics centre in the South East, with six other programmes running at schools and colleges across the UK. Think Logistics hopes to launch 50 logistics programmes by the end of 2018.

Debbie Farrell, Career Ready Lead Regional Manager for Essex, said: “The Think Logistics programme, run in partnership with Career Ready, opens students’ eyes to the opportunities within the industry.

“Alongside South Essex College’s existing logistics offerings, the programme will see them introduce new employment possibilities to students, raise their aspirations and help them to make informed decisions about their career paths.”

To arrange a Think Logistics workshop, or find out more about how you could launch a Think Logistics theme at your Career Ready centre, please email Neil Caldwell, or phone him on 07872 989132.