Spotlight: Sir Winfried Bischoff Award 2015 winners

Lucas Ferreira from London Academy and Cameron Barber from Franklin College, were recently awarded this year’s overall Sir Winfried Bischoff Award.

Lucas and Cameron were presented with the award at the Career Academies UK Scottish Graduation ceremony in Edinburgh on 21 April 2015. 

Here Lucas and Cameron give an insight into their experiences on the Career Academy programme and discuss the impact that Careers Academies UK has had on their professional and personal lives. 

Lucas said: “Before I joined the Career Academy programme I was experiencing extreme circumstances and the breakdown of my family unit. I left education temporarily to find full-time work to support myself. 

“I was working part-time work on top of my studies. I lacked confidence, focus and was completely unaware of my own abilities. 

“When I finish school I’m going to complete a gap year internship at Accenture, where I did my summer internship and then go on to study Economics at Manchester University. Thanks to the many supportive individuals on the programme including my mentor and people at my internship, I realised that university was the path most appropriate for me. 

“Without Career Academies UK I would not have the life changing opportunities that I am currently taking advantage of. I would not have developed as a person and would not be able to fully grasp all the chances that I have now.”

Cameron said: “Before the Career Academy programme I did not have a clear ambition of my future career path. I was incredibly shy and struggled to communicate in unfamiliar environments. 

“The most significant influence on me during the programme was my internship at Shoreline Housing which gave me valuable workplace experience learning new skills.

“I have gained the confidence in unfamiliar environments to speak to new people as well as useful contacts.”