STEM students visit manufacturer of F1 engines

On Thursday 29 January, students from Luton Sixth Form College, including 8 Career Ready STEM students, visited the facilities at Cosworth in Northampton, manufacturer of high performance technologies that include engines for F1 race cars and Aston Martin. 

The trip was a prize won by Career Ready student, Nivan Hammond, at an event previously organised by F1 at Bedford Modern School. Students were given a tour of the factory and witnessed the end-to-end manufacturing processes of car engines, from metal forging through to assembly and quality testing.

Samuel Betts, one of the students who was on the visit, said, “It was a fantastic opportunity to see how Cosworth makes their world class engines and I really enjoyed the experience.”

Students relished in the chance to sit in the driving seat of a race car on display, and a piston head that used to belong to an F1 race car was etched with the college’s logo and presented to the students as a souvenir. 

Liz Lovell, Career Ready Coordinator at Luton Sixth Form College who accompanied the students on the day, said, “It was an exciting opportunity for STEM students to learn the entire process of engine design and manufacturing, from assembly through to product testing. The students were completely engaged throughout and we’re so grateful to Cosworth for making this happen.”