Our paid internships provide young people with the opportunity to put their skills & knowledge into action, helping them to develop crucial experience. It’s also a great way for employers to engage with the future workforce and tap into a diverse talent pipeline. 


Schools & Colleges

Providing young people with paid internships, lasting a minimum of four weeks, enables them to build crucial experience, which is vital in transitioning from education to rewarding employment. 

How they work

Our summer internships are paid and last a minimum of four weeks to maximise the benefits to young people.

We work closely with our partner employers to provide them with the resources, support, and guidance needed to ensure that the internship works for the young person and the host organisation. 

Every intern has their own supervisor who acts as a line-manager, and we ensure that a member of school/college staff visits each student during their internship. 


Evidence from our students and schools & colleges shows how our paid internships of four weeks provide a strong, cohesive boost to their work-readiness and confidence.

91% of students saying that their internship was invaluable.

75% of employers said, given the opportunity, they would hire their Career Ready intern. 

Research shows that four weeks, or 140 hours, is the minimum time needed for a young person to fully experience and benefit from the world of work.

A growing number of our students choose an apprenticeship or other work-based learning options after finishing school & college due to their positive internship experience.  

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Volunteers & Employers

Getting involved with our paid internship programme enables your organisation to help shape the future workforce, build a diverse talent pipeline, and develop the skills of your employees.

Young people get a feel for the workplace and realise the possibilities that are out there for them. Our students experience what it’s really like to work and put their skills and knowledge into practice.

Our internship programme is also a great way to develop the talent within your organisation, with 70% of internships supervisors saying that, in just four weeks, their coaching skills had improved. 

75% of employers said, given the opportunity, they would hire their Career Ready intern. 

How it works 

Our internship programme is designed to last 140 hours, four working weeks, as research shows that this is the minimum time needed for a young person to fully experience the world of work.

We work closely with our employer supporters to maximise benefits to their organisation and ensure that it is a time-sensitive way for them to transform the lives of young people.

We ask employers to:

  • Give students a formal interview experience
  • Offer a minimum of four weeks paid experience
  • Assign a line manager to supervise the student’s work and provide feedback
  • Offer a planned programme of activity
  • Organise an event at the end where the student can present what they’ve learned

To support you, we will:

  • Provide a toolkit and resource to help you run the internship
  • Stay in contact with you and the student to support you throughout
  • Visit the student during their internship, including to watch their end of internship presentation

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