Year 10 Mentoring

My mentor, Mustafa, gave up so much of his own time, giving me the confidence, courage and determination to pursue a mechanical engineering degree.

Callum Christie, student at  Peterhead Academy

As a mentor to year 10 students you will be matched with two students aged 14 – 15 and work in a small group with another mentor who also has two student mentees. You will meet regularly over a 12 month period from October to September.

Students and mentors will meet together, face to face, in school, usually over lunchtime for 45 minutes. There will be three sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the programme where all mentors and students meet as a group together. Larger group meetings give you the opportunity to meet other pairs of mentors, share best practice and meet your student’s peers. While taking part in the programme students will also attend two masterclasses and a workplace visit.

This is a pilot programme operating in five English areas: Stoke-on-Trent, the Black Country, Southend, Thurrock and London.

Through mentoring you can:

  • Help students to understand the variety of career opportunities available to them
  • Make students aware of the skills desired by employers and highlight how they can develop these
  • Support students in reflecting on what they have learned and how they can present themselves to potential employers

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We are also looking for mentors to support students aged 16 - 18 on their journey from education to the workplace. 

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